HFPA Golden Globe Awards


This HFPA Photo Site is intended to provide Photographs and Press Releases to HFPA members and journalists who want to cover the Golden GlobesĀ® and other HFPA events.

Access to our on-line photo database and archive is restricted to HFPA Members and legitimate journalist who have been issued a user name and password by the HFPA. Use of these images are governed by the Conditions of Use.

Site Organization

Content is organized into Events


Each Event to the press site contains one more related files. A Event may have any combination of related photos and/ or press releases.

For example a Event entitled "Red Carpet Arrivals" would include multiple photos of attendees arriving. Each Event has a name which provides a short overview of the included files. For instance "Red Carpet Arrivals," "BackstageTelecast," "Ballroom Tables," and "Photo Room".

There are six categories of Events:

  • "Member Photos" has photographs for HFPA Members from recent HFPA Member Events
  • "Member Videos" has recent video interviews for HFPA Members
  • "Golden Globe Awards" has recent photos for those covering the Golden Globe Awards and related events
  • "Installations" has recent photos for those covering the HFPA grants, installations and other HFPA events
  • "Member Archives" contain archived HFPA Member photos/videos
  • "Golden Globe Archives" contain archived photos from past Golden Globe events


The most recent Events are at the top, the oldest are at the bottom. On the left side are a series of icons which give a visual indication of what you will find in the Event.

This Event contains one or more Press Releases
This Event contains one or more Photos
This Listing is a folder which contains other Events.
The content icons reflect the contents of the enclosed Events.

On the right side you will find a note indicating how many of each you will find. For instance "(3 photos, 1 release)"

Recent Events also include a few thumbnail images to provide a visual overview of the included items.


The Quick Search field at the top of each page allows you to search for Press Releases/Photos/Videos about particular person or event.

The Search page allows you to specify which areas of the site to search.

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